Operational Sustainability
VirtualRoad.org defends websites against cyber-attack and protects online data
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Diversity Advertising
Financial Sustainability
Diversity Advertising increases revenue through international advertising markets

Realising Sustainability Online

About Us

The goal of Media Frontiers is to contribute to a global context in which online news media and civil society organisations can positively impact on reducing human insecurity and promoting democratic development. To realise this Media Frontiers supports news media and civil society organisations in achieving operational and financial sustainability through the provision of specialised services.

The internet offers an array of possibilities for online news media and civil society organisations. If these opportunities can be utilized, then what was once a local media or information source serving a few thousand people, can become an actor severing hundreds or thousands of times that number.

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Our Values

Media Frontiers pursues a number of values in its work, these being creating sustainability, building knowledge and capacity, and corporate social responsibility.

A core principle for Media Frontiers is to assist its partners in becoming sustainable. Financial and operational sustainability are crucial aspects for the development of independent media and strong civil societies, free from dependency on external funding. Moreover, the Media Frontiers model foresees engaging with online news media and civil society organisations that are being supported by development aid, thereby ensuring well in advance of the end of funding cycles that new income streams are in place.

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